Arab League Scholarships

2003 01 01 New Group from Arab League

New Group from Arab League

As per council of minister’s approval, in its ordinary meeting year 2003, which was held on 1/1/2003, to grant the first ten scholarships to Arab Civil Aviation council for study at Qatar Aeronautical College, in various aviation disciplines.  This agreement approved for five years. The scholarships.  Been renewed sin e that year and up to date where by scholarship seats have increased up to 20 scholarships, to be distributed among Arab countries in various college disciplines/specialisms as follow:

  • ATPL-Airline Transport Pilot License.
  • AME- Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.
  • GAE- Ground Avionics Engineering.
  • ATC- Air Traffic Control.
  • MET- Meteorology.
  • AOM- Airport Operations Management.

In the academic year 2014-2015, a total number of 20 students have been enrolled, from various Arab countries, and joined study at the college, after they passed the initial admissions tests/exams, classified and distributed to the foundation program after which they will immediately join the specialized discipline.

The scholarships granted by the state of Qatar to Arab Civil Aviation Authority had led to a large number of students from Arab states, whereby the college had graduated the number of 0000, and is expected to receive more students every year which will have a great impact in the preparation of technical cadets in various Civil Aviation fields in the Arab world.

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