MoU between QAC and Reading University, UK

20150909 MoU-QAC-RU-UK

Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Qatar Aeronautical College and Reading University in the United Kingdom

A continuation of the agreement of cooperation between the Qatar Aeronautical college and University of Reading in the United Kingdom was signed in August 13 on the extension of the Convention for the next five years, which includes the exchange of expertise and scientific visits with the exchange of lecturers, as well as completing the graduates of the Higher Diploma in the field of meteorology in college scholarships period complementary in Reading University for a bachelor’s degree in meteorology. This Convention signed in a special ceremony in the meteorological department building in Reading University in the presence of Mr. Ali Ibrahim al-Maliki, Director General of the Qatar Aeronautical college and Mr. Mohammed Al Kaabi, the cultural attaché at the Embassy of the State of Qatar in the United Kingdom and Dr. Salim Rashid Al Marri, Director of Joint Services Department in QAC. The University of Reading was represented by Dr.Vincenzo Raimo Pro-Vice Chancellor (Global Engagement) and Professor Giles Harrison professor of Atmospheric Physics in Department of Meteorology and Professor Ross Reynolds School Head of Internationalization in Department of Meteorology.

Mr. Ali al-Malki states that the pursuit of Qatar Aeronautical College in order to raise the level of study to the bachelor’s level after the completion of all the scientific stages and supplies required for this level to provide curriculum and lecturers and the required laboratory. We added our pursuit of this matter to our attention that the coming years, particularly at the end of 2016 cannot be for those working in the field of weather forecasting and meteorological aviation without obtaining a bachelor’s degree in the specialty according to the new standards set by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the organizations of civil aviation. During the first phase some students have successfully completed bachelor degree from Reading University and now we updated this MOU after making some changes and additions in full coordination with Reading University and the Department of Meteorology at QAC which was named as WMO Regional Training Center for Region-II Asia (37 countries) as it contains a scientific level consistent with the standards required by the training department of the organization. Mr. al-Malki added that the outstanding study on the level of the world’s most prestigious and the place occupied by Reading University in the areas of graduate and research level motivated the continued cooperation and coordination to raise the level and create a research base in Qatar in the fields of climate change and preserve the environment and encourage scientific research not only for Qatar but for the rest of the Gulf states and Asia.

Mr. Mohammed Al-Kaabi the cultural attaché at the Embassy of the State of Qatar in the United Kingdom said the extend of this agreement with Reading University achieve what we seek from a scientific level, where Reading is one of the outstanding universities in the field of applied research and postgraduate master’s and doctoral degrees. A number of Qatari students obtained bachelor’s degree in the field of meteorology in the last few years and we seek to increase the number of students for this specialization to cover the need in all the scientific and research communities.

Dr. Salem Al Marri, Director of Joint Services in QAC said the cooperation with the University of Reading necessitated to introduce a number of modern laboratories in the field of Numerical Weather prediction, Weather forecasting and climate modeling and developed advanced physics and mathematical curricula and modernized the surface weather station in the college and established a good library with all latest books and scientific publications. We plan to increase the number of student’s intake in the future.

Dr. Najim Albarazanchi head of the meteorology department in QAC said the continuation of cooperation with the University of Reading fruitful at all levels where we have a plan for the exchange of professors to increase the expertise as well as diversify allocated to raise the efficiency of workers in the field of weather forecasting for aviation. We have planned our courses to include this important aspect to be held under the supervision of WMO and shared by large numbers of countries working in the field of Aviation safety.

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